Wait. I can explain everything.

Full disclosure, guys: I don’t fully know what I’m doing right now, and that has never stopped me before, so here we are.

Bit of a funny story, but my brain does this thing where it replays and rewrites the songs in my head until the parodies displace the good stuff or I find a place to put them. Don’t worry, I’m just as amused / confused / unimpressed / curious about this as you are. So if you’re looking for something not at all like song parodies, well, I don’t know what to tell ya. Some will be new, some will have been previously published by me on another blog service, and revived here to look shiny and new and tap into the cultural zeitgeist, such as it is. (Makeovers of parodies, that’s how my brain treats me when no-ones looking). Others will never see the light of day due to how hard they suck. Consider that my gift to you.

I will cover a variety of genres and decades, with themes including:

  • two-wheeled frivolity (subset: I heart wheelies)
  • internet forum & chatroom shenanigans and/or buffoonery
  • love (unrequited for the most part, it makes for better writing)
  • tributes to the artists whose artistry inspires me to make art of it
  • dedications
  • generalised pleas for your attention and/or affection
  • the trials and tribulations of an everyday science educator
  • other acts chicanery, mischief, japery and mayhem as they happen

Anyway, hang in there. It’ll get better, probably.

And, yes, the profile pic is me, from 1976. It was the style of the time.

These items of parody/satire are in themselves my original works and as such are subject to copyright and moral rights of attribution. Distributing without attribution and/or distributing for profit without consent would be a real dick move on your part.